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Fjordhaus - Holiday home in Kappeln an der Schlei

The timber-framed holiday house, Fjordhaus an der Schlei, was designed by practising architect Jochen Ziegler. It was completed in the autumn of 2016. In the house there are two generously appointed holiday apartments.


Fjordhaus sits at the mouth of the Schlei Fjord, in the German district of Schleswig-Holstein. Lying between the seaside towns of Kappeln and Arnis, it boasts panoramic water-views of the naturally beautiful Balticfjord. These two small towns are only a few kilometres away and the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea not much further. It is a peaceful and quiet place with only a dyke separating it and the Schlei.


The accommodation is compromised of two self-contained and separate apartments, each having a ground and first floor. Each apartment has 2 bathrooms; the first apartment comfortably accommodating up to four guests and the second six. When taken together, the two apartments will accommodate ten guests. In this case, internal access between the two is possible via an otherwise secure door on the ground floor.


Minimal, clean lines dominate the house´s modern style, which is deliberately designed to accentuate and frame the western views of the Schlei Fjord it faces. The house`s straightforward, clean furnishings were designed by Jochen to mirror the area´s clear, light and yet welcoming feel, while allowing guests to make it a place of their own for the duration of their stay.


Attracted by small, seaside towns and ever-changing landscapes, the Northeast of Schleswig Holstein is a popular holiday destination for people visiting the Baltic. It can easily be explored both on foot or by bike. The nearby nature reserves of Geltinger Birk and Naturpark Schlei offer an attractive network of cycle routes and hiking trails. The Schlei region of the Baltic Sea is an area particularly suited to water sports.


Haitabu was once an important Viking settlement. It now gives the region a legendary charm; inspiring children and adults alike. Denmark is not too far away from Fjordhaus, giving guests, who don´t mind a short drive, the wonderful opportunity for a day-trip.

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