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Fjordhaus - surrounding area

Whether on land or water, Fjordhaus´s surroundings are ideal for activity of all kinds. For walking and cycling you need only step out of the door.

For beaches: Weidefelder Strand is a fine-sand beach on the Baltic Sea a short way (8 km) from the house. Whether by car or bicycle, guests can be enjoying the healthy seaside air and water in next to no time. The area´s nature reserves (including Geltinger Birk and Naturschutzpark Schlei) offer a beautiful and well marked network of walking and cycling routes.

For golf enthusiasts: Golf Club Stenerberg is located in Rabenkirchen-Faulück, only 9 km away. Two more golf clubs are within 20 km of the house.

For our guests we provide more information about local trips, gastronomy and personal recommendations on our website and in the house itself.


Schlei: The Baltic Sea´s Schlei inlet reaches from the estuary mouth in Maasholm right into the heartland of the Schleswig Holstein region. The towns of Kappeln, Arnis, Sieseby, Lindqunis, Missunde, Louisenlund, Haithabu and Schleswig dot the Schlei`s 42km length. The Schlei is shallow-water, making it ideal for sailing dinghies. While the Baltic Sea itself, is accessible to larger vessels.


Kappeln: Kappeln is located on a raised plateau, hence the house´s spectacular views overlooking the Schlei. The town´s pretty streets are dotted with a variety of different and interesting shops. The bustling waterfront hosts a number of pretty, antique barges. Our pick of places to visit include: Fischräucherei Föh, the local fish smoke house, Amanda, an picturesque windmill and Schokoladenküche, translates as chocolate kitchen. No visit would be complete without taking a sightseeing cruise along the Schlei itself.


Arnis: The smallest town in Germany! It has a wonderfully improvised cafe at the ferry port, which, be warned, is only open when the weather is good! It is an absolute must to explore the town on foot. It has beautiful, original buildings; boats and piers; the most diverse gardens and not to forget, the ever present and stunning views of the Schlei.


Maasholm: 15km away from Fjordhaus lies the sleepy, little town of Maasholm, which during the summer months attracts sailing enthusiasts and visitors alike. The town is most notable for it`s original thatched roof houses and historical barge locations of former fishermen. We recommend stopping for a bit of delicious cake or a fish bun, depending on your taste!


Weidefelder Strand: Only 8km away from Fjordhaus, this sandy beach is easy to reach by bicycle or car. The small roads have little traffic and cycling routes are well-maintained.

The beach itself is flat and ideal for children. There´s also a very good restaurant here and a take-away providing both food and a beach-chair (Strandkorb) rental service. For reference... the German Strandkorb is not merely a chair but more a roofed or sheltered lounge chair, often with under-seat storage.


Ostsee: Maasholm`s Nature Discovery Centre offers visitors a variety of informative, drop-in events with a Baltic Sea theme.

There are numerous beaches in the area and many different activities taking place:

beach-volleyball, wind surfing, canoeing, sailing, running.

For something a little calmer, a walk along the beach, taking in the revitalising sea air is also highly recommended.


Schleswig: Schleswig is the nearest local city. Situated 36km away from Fjordhaus, it offers not only a wide range of shopping opportunities, but also sight-seeing gems like ``Dom St. Petri`` (Monastry of Saint Petry). The district of Holm runs alongside the Schlei, it´s highlights being the original fishermen´s cabins and the monastry of St. Johannis.

The castle Schloss Gottorf is also well worth a visit.


Haithabu: This outdoor museum is located within 42km distance from Fjordhaus. An attraction for both younger and older folk, this open air museum plunges visitors into the ancient Viking way of life and customs. It will almost certainly achieve to spark an interest for the local history of Viking waterways along the Schlei, an interest which may accompany visitors for the whole of their holiday in this region.


Eckernförde: 26km away from Fjordhaus lies this 700 year old, medium sized town, characterised by a city centre of small, boutique shops.

There´s a fantastic play area and cafe right on the beach and the water is great for swimming.

The town´s church of St. Nicolai contains a stunning example of an early baroque altar.


Flensburg: Germany‘s most northerly city is located 49 km from Fjordhaus. In the city centre, Rote Strasse (Red Street) is famed for it´s many artisan courtyards and Norderstrasse for it´s small, independent shops. A great place for a wander and some lovely shopping opportunities. Within a short distance of Norderstrasse you can visit the historic port. Flensburg makes a nice break on the way to Denmark.

Glücksberg, with it´s beautiful castle and beach, is on the way to Flensburg and also worth a look.


Denmark: Within 90km from Fjordhaus is the Danish city of Sonderborg, also situated on the Flensburg Fjord. If you plan day trip to Denmark this is the closest city you can vist but there are plenty of smaller villages alongside of the fjord to visit and enjoy.


© 2016 Anne Thieme/Fjordhaus

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